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Pool Pop aka

Come Home

Musikvideo / 2020 / 4 Minuten

Regie Thordis M. Meyer & Laura Gericke

DOP Leon Daniel

Ton Diana Sánchez

Grading Tim Winnicker

Kostümdesin Lola Carola Schmid

Kostüm Ronja Lahr

Maske Tanja Masemann

Pool Pop No. 1 a.k.a. Come Home is the first single of the queer-feminist Hamburg-based one-person-project THORD1S.
Inspired by the sauna-test-scene of the series Stranger Things where the often topless swimming pool attendant Billie Hargrove is being locked in, also by his stepsister Max, to find out if he is being possessed by a demon, the film is an hommage to drag and drama. 
The music video is a both gender and genre fluid attempt to capture the tension between solitude and self-sufficiency of both THORD1S as a solo-artist and the seemingly left behind swimming pool. Therefore, lots of the footage was created by instant composition shots: a dance duet with a saxophone or a mic, the camera at the same time observing, joining and interrupting the intimate emerging choreographies.

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